About Ergonomic Evaluation and Training

Ergonomic Evaluation & Training (EET) is the recognized leader in ergonomics today. EET provides a wide range of ergonomic consulting and training solutions. Unlike other companies that try to make predesigned solutions fit your needs, EET custom-designs each solution from the ground up to suit your particular requirements.

We pride ourselves on offering real-world ergonomic solutions to companies that want to make a difference to their employees and their customers.

Satisfied customers include:

  • Fortune 100 and smaller businesses
  • privately owned local, national and international companies
  • government agencies
  • educational institutions

Satisfied industries include:

  • assembly, general and chemical manufacturing
  • computer technology and office environments
  • education and healthcare
  • utilities and construction
  • public works and laboratory environments
  • parcel delivery
  • transportation industry

We pride ourselves on offering creative, cost-effective solutions for converting hostile environments into ergonomically friendly oases.

Ergonomic seminars/coursework presented by Ergonomic Evaluation & Training to the following academic institutions including:

  • San Diego State University: Graduate School of Public Health, College of Extended Studies
  • Department of Labor OSHA Training Institute USDOL/OTI Region IX Education Center, University of California at San Diego, and Region VIII Rocky Mountain Education Center, Denver, CO

We welcome your requests for additional information about our seminars and courses.


ET offers a unique mix of occupational health and ergonomics combined with years of experience in physical therapy treatment and reconditioning of injured workers, This synergy enables EET to reduce employee injuries and promote recovery from ergonomically related injuries. As a result, companies can realize significant reductions in employee downtime, resulting in increased employee performance and improved morale.

To date, EET has trained hundreds of workers around the world in ergonomic awareness and good work form. Increasing worker awareness and redesigning work station environments, where possible, have significantly reduced work-related injuries.

Our strategies are designed to decrease worker injury rates, reduce worker compensation costs, prevent worker suffering, and increase productivity. Join the numerous companies around the world who are already benefiting from our cost-effective solutions. We welcome your inquiries.

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